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Yes and no. This really depends on your definition of “full-service.” While there are certainly things that we don’t handle, such as producing TV ads, many clients engage us to help plan and oversee work like this so that we can provide strategic continuity across all elements of their marketing.

Our clients come from a variety of industries and generally fall into one of two categories: Fortune 1000 size companies or late-stage startups.

Although creative is frequently a part of our output, we are not a “creative shop.” In general, we don’t do heavy creative production or dev work, such as TV ads or app development, although we are frequently the geeks that help build the vision and oversee this type of work.

No. Strategic work is done in-house and is always led by one of our core team members. We have a team of cross-discipline advisors, experts in their respective fields, that we engage on different projects when we feel they will add unique and necessary value to the outcome of our work. Lastly, we may use outside contractors for design work, although we only use contractors that we have existing relationships with.

Engagements with our agency generally start with sentences like, “We’ve been trying to figure out…?” “How do we…?” and “I know we could be doing this better, but….” The earlier we’re brought on during the planning process, the better we’ll be able to help, but please engage us at any time. And if you have a problem that we’re not able to help with, we can certainly make introductions and point you in the right direction.