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Business insights

Optimize your marketing, media, and creative with an independent review and strategic recommendations that will elevate your work.

Competitive insights

Get ahead in the market by gaining a more comprehensive view of your competitors’ products, features, pricing, and positioning.

Market insights

Better evaluate new opportunities and mitigate risks by thoroughly analyzing current market conditions and emerging trends.

Audience insights

Create better products and more thoughtful marketing by developing a deep understanding of your audience and the factors that motivate their behaviors.

Audience segmentation

Create smarter audience segmentations and customer profiles by leveraging advanced analytics methodologies and principles of behavioral psychology.

Customer lifecycle

Develop smarter product and marketing strategies by gaining a more holistic view of your customers’ journeys and lifecycles.

Before creating a strategy or plan, successful business leaders start by developing an intimate understanding of their customers and the marketplace within which they’ll compete.

By leveraging methodologies and insights from the behavioral sciences, we take a highly sophisticated approach to our research and data analysis, arming business leaders with the knowledge they need to build the companies that are shaping the world.


Our audits take a systematic approach to help you better understand your business and uncover opportunities to elevate your brand.

Our Benchmark reports will give you the market and competitive insights you need to design strategic plans that will accelerate your business ahead of the competition.

From audience insights to customer lifecycle analysis, we decode the processes and motivations that drive how your customers make decisions so you can deliver better products and more thoughtful marketing.