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We are the outliers, the right and left brain thinkers, the exceptional creators who challenge basic assumptions, possess an insatiable curiosity, and a passion for empowering others through knowledge.

Excelling in our field requires a diversity of perspectives. It requires the ability to learn rapidly, evaluate problems with a high degree of objectivity, and develop applicable solutions, as well as creativity, strong communication skills, and the ability to think visually. 

At AVO, we are building an elite team of intelligent, thoughtful, transdisciplinary thinkers. We collaborate regularly but also trust each member to independently deliver the high quality work for which we are known. While team members have their own core duties, no one is above a given role, and we are always willing to take on any task that contributes to the success of our mission. 

We’re looking for individuals who:

  • think critically and objectively about problems
  • have a natural curiosity that drives them to understand a diversity of perspectives when facing a question
  • care about their work enough to go the extra mile and ensure the highest quality deliverables

Our name, AVO, comes from the Latin “Amor Vincit Omnia,” meaning love conquers all. This philosophy drives our vision: to leverage our collective intelligence to create a long-lasting positive impact on the world, or as we say, “doing good, better.” In the end, our story is not about our work but rather how we empower others to change the world.

We’re looking for a strategic, versatile Account Manager to join our team at AVO. We’re seeking a leader who is passionate about their work and building strong client relationships. We want to person who’s clients go out of their way to work with, who they truly appreciate—both personally and professionally—because this person if such a valued resource for the client.

This individual will be responsible for managing ongoing client needs, including managing client work, budgets, team needs, and discovering new opportunities to support our clients.

For this role, we’re really looking for someone who is as much an analyst/strategist as they are Account Manager. To best serve our clients, they must be able to research and quickly gain a firm understanding of new topics, effectively analyze and synthesize information, and provide new insights and guidance in a concise and easy to understand way. We do not need individual who simply regurgitate old information in a new way; we need thinkers who can understand the context of a problem to discover new insights and strategies. 

The individual in this role will lead our clients’ strategic team. This individual should expect to be a part of all client work, which may include developing positioning for a new brand; defining messaging for a product; conducting research, analysis, and writing reports; or crafting a sales pitch. 

This role also requires an individual who is a visual thinker and thinks critically about their work. Ultimately, our job is to dissect problems and communicate complex ideas as simply as possible. Often times, how information is visually constructed is as important, if not more, than the actual words on a page. As such, it is critical that our team members understand the impact of design and layout on how information is received, and is able to apply this knowledge to help produce final deliverables that exist beyond the written word.

For example, when writing a research report, they should be familiar enough with design to ask relevant questions and make content recommendations as the asset comes to form. This may include recommending a particular layout structure to improve comprehension, reorganizing report sections for better visual flow, identify opportunities to leverage visuals that will simplify or better explain ideas, or suggesting a section of copy be removed and visualized instead for easier comprehension.

Lastly, it is important that this individual has a solid understanding of human-behavior and can apply those principles to help produce work that is functional and easy to understand. Ultimately, the individual in this role will be responsible for ensuring that we’re providing the best support and delivering the highest-quality work for our clients.

We’re looking for a strategic, versatile Account Manager to join our team at AVO. We’re seeking leaders who are passionate about their work and building strong client relationships. This individual will be responsible for managing ongoing client needs, as well as for discovering new opportunities to support our clients.

This role covers a diverse set of responsibilities. Accordingly, the job requires an individual with a broad skill set, who can learn new topics and skills quickly, and has the ability to problem-solve. They also need to be proactive, detail-oriented, thorough, and a critical thinker.

Key responsibilities

Client management

  • Manage client needs and build strong relationships
  • Manage project work and delivery timelines
  • Develop proposals and SOW for client work
  • Manage project budgets
  • Manage team members, contractors, and vendors


  • Writing thought leadership content
  • Support client work
  • Perform research and create reports
  • Develop client services

Business development

  • Help expand business by expanding support with existing clients and extending services to new client teams



  • 8+ years experience
  • B.A.+ in relevant field
  • Professional experience that demonstrates a solid track record of client relationship management
  • Strong track record of business development and account growth through relationship selling


  • Exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Exceptional presence and presentation skills
  • Deep knowledge of business, marketing, and human behavior
  • Proficient with technology and common business software (macOS, Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Proficient with creative tasks and tools (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.)
  • Excellent organizational skills


  • Cares deeply about relationships
  • Valued leader who inspires the best from others
  • Thoughtful tactician who is unafraid to sell
  • Service and quality driven
  • Ability to learn new information and skills quickly
  • Thorough with a strong attention to detail
  • Critical thinker with strong analytical abilities
  • Ability to work autonomously to get things done 
  • Experience exercising discretion and confidentiality with sensitive company information
  • Professionalism while collaborating with team members, clients, and partners
  • Poised under pressure with the ability to switch gears at a moment’s notice
  • Composure, professionalism, and the ability to do what the situation requires to make the organization as a whole successful
  • Availability to work off hours if needed

Additional information


Not sure if you are 100% qualified based on what you have read? Consider this: we are more interested in hiring smart, hardworking, thoughtful individuals who are motivated to learn than those who think they already have all of the answers. We want individuals who care about the world, who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and who will deliver exceptional work.

Please attach a PDF that includes both your resume AND a cover letter that:

  • Tells us why you are interested in working at AVO
  • Illustrates how you embody our values
  • Shares a brief example of a project/time during which you utilized both your right and left brain to solve a problem

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


AVO is a Seattle-based consulting firm specializing in strategy, brand, and product solutions for Fortune 1000-size companies. Established in 2009, we have created award-winning work for clients as diverse as Microsoft, Philips, Cascade Designs, and others. To learn more about our company and our values, visit our website:

AVO is committed to creating an inclusive work environment with a diverse workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.